The Hotel

Le Saint Erasme

Hotel Le Saint Erasme, 

from father to daughter

At the start of the 1970s, a time when tourism was slowly emerging on Calvi’s coast, Antoine Guglielmacci, a pioneer at only 19 years old, new to the business but passionate about it, was laying the foundations of Hotel Le Saint Erasme’s journey.

Fully supported by his sheep farming parents, he was entrusted with choosing the land where the hotel was to be built.

And so at 21 years old, the hotel materialized from this young entrepreneur’s imagination. Far from being discouraged by his lack of experience, he undertook to build it from A to Z.

In 1963, Antoine laid the first stone of what would become a lifelong project.

Hotel Le Saint Erasme, initially with 30 rooms, opened in 1966, ready to welcome visitors to Calvi.

The hotel has reinvented itself with each passing era to keep up with the times.

Having broadened her professional experience at a variety of establishments, Marine Delvigne Guglielmacci, Antoine’s daughter, joined Hotel Le Saint Erasme in 2009 and took over its management in 2015.

Marine had grown up at the hotel, bathing in its atmosphere as a child, surrounded by guests who were to become members of her extended family. Marine’s return to her origins as hotel manager was driven by her love of decoration, languages and human connections. In hotelkeeping, she found fertile ground for all her passions.


Antoine laid the first stone of what would become a lifelong project.


Hotel Le Saint Erasme opened, ready to welcome visitors to Calvi.


Marine Delvigne Guglielmacci, Antoine’s daughter, joined the hotel.


Marine took over the running of Hotel Le Saint Erasme.


The hotel became a member of the Rispettu programme.


The first hotel in Corsica to get an environmental A-rating.


Hotel Le Saint Erasme was approved under the CLEF VERTE charter.


The hotel was awarded the EU ECOLABEL.

Histoire Familiale Hôtel Le Saint Erasme

Although her father had engaged with sustainable practices as early as the 2000s, for example by installing solar panels, Marine went further – introducing eco-responsible initiatives.

This led to the hotel joining the Rispettu programme in 2017. The programme brings together around fifty Corsican accommodation providers who work together on developing sustainable tourism.

Straight away, Marine became fully involved in this environmental programme which enabled her to put in place several measures at the hotel aimed at reducing the environmental footprint, preserving resources, supporting local communities and promoting awareness-raising and educational initiatives about sustainability.

This environmental commitment was recognized in 2020, when we became the first hotel in Corsica to be awarded an A-rating for the environment.

As further confirmation of this commitment, our hotel was approved under the CLEF VERTE charter in December 2021 and the EU ECOLABEL in 2023.

These initiatives have made our hotel one of the leaders in Calvi in the terms of respect for the environment.

Since 2021, our hotel has been reborn: Ambitious renovations and expansion, a new design, dynamic new plans.

Marine has brought her vision, her ideas and her distinctive style, breathing new life into our hotel whilst honouring the past which brought it into being.

Today, Hotel Le Saint Erasme has retained everything which made up its strength and its identity – sharing and welcoming guests to a warm and relaxed atmosphere ‘just like home’.

Histoire Familiale Hôtel Le Saint Erasme