An eco-responsible

An environmental approach
to sustainable tourism

Hotel Le Saint Erasme takes great pride in its commitment to an innovative environmental approach to sustainable tourism.

Our environmental policy is organized around three essential pillars: reducing our carbon footprint, protecting our biodiversity, and promoting short supply chains.

We give particular importance to selecting our suppliers and partners, whose environmental values we share.

Our commitment to sustainability has been officially recognized by several eco-charter programmes, including the EU Ecolabel, Clef Verte and Rispettu.

We are proud that in 2020 we were the only hotel in Corsica and one of the few in France to have been awarded an environmental A-rating.

We encourage our clients to make a commitment alongside us, by putting in place a Green Stay Charter which invites guests to adopt sustainable actions and practices that respect the environment.

Vue aérienne Engagements Hôtel Le Saint Erasme

Energy consumption

We systematically prioritize solutions that respect the environment, which is why we opted to install solar panels to produce hot water.

Air conditioning can be controlled remotely and seasonal temperature thresholds are set. Using a system of detectors, the air conditioning only switches on if windows are completely closed. This optimizes our energy use.

The hotel has LED lighting throughout and we are also equipped with several water flow reduction devices.

The swimming pool is covered systematically to avoid heat loss and water evaporation. It is heated according to the seasonal temperature. The garden is equipped with a drip irrigation system which turns on at night and most plants in the garden are local species which require little water.

The car park has an electric vehicle charging point, reflecting our commitment to cleaner and more sustainable mobility. We only use electric vehicles for travel ourselves. Our hotel’s fleet is 100% electric.

We involve our clients every day so that they take an active role in our sustainable tourism commitment, for example by asking them to sort their waste, to only request that towels and sheets be changed if they ask, to make reasonable use of air conditioning and to prioritize green travel.

We invite our clients to observe the eco-friendly behaviour of the Green Stay Charter regarding responsible energy consumption.

Product life cycles

On a daily basis, we do everything we can to reduce our waste production as much as possible. None of our products at the hotel are single use.

We prioritize recycling, and the use of recycled and recyclable products.

To promote re-use, we offer home-made yoghurts at breakfast served in glass pots to be returned once you have eaten them.

We only offer freshly squeezed fruit juice, home-made yoghurt, and vegetables and cheese from short supply chains. Most of our wines and beers come from the Balagne area and the majority of our spirits are Corsican. The coffee beans we use are fair trade.

Cosmetics, soaps and shampoos are organic and made in Corsica.

The cleaning products we use are made locally and organic, and come in returnable containers.

We strongly encourage our clients to participate in sorting waste. For this reason, each room is equipped with separating bins. We have also put in place a composting system to use some waste organically.

Our commitment to sustainable practices is visible at every stage of our environmental management process.

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Hôtel Le Saint Erasme - Protection et Biodiversité

of biodiversity

We pay special attention to protection of Corsica’s biodiversity and natural heritage whilst looking after the wellbeing and health of our clients and our staff. It is for this reason that we clean our hotel exclusively using the latest ecological products, certified with the EU Ecolabel, or using ozonated water.

We place great importance on raising the awareness of our staff of the sustainable development cause.

We have chosen to prioritize local producers and organic farmers among our partners, highlighting our wish to make an active contribution to protecting our heritage.



We are committed to promoting and raising the profile of local products and short supply chains. To put this into practice, we have inaugurated an eco-shop showcasing several of our partners’ products.

These carefully selected items are locally grown, made or produced and many are organic. This initiative demonstrates our wish to foster responsible consumption whilst contributing to the development of our community.

Our eco-shop

Our partners

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Labels écologiques - Hôtel Le Saint Erasme

Our charters

ECOLABEL : Over the years, our commitment and our actions have been recognized by the award of the EU Ecolabel, an environmental certification among the most stringent on the European market.

CLEF VERTE : Since December 2021, the hotel is proud to have obtained the “Clef verte” international award for establishments committed to sustainable tourism. 

U RISPETTU : We are honoured to actively support the “Rispettu” project, an initiative aimed at promoting sustainable tourism. Our association is fully committed to a sustainable hotel sector rooted in the Corsican local identity. We are proud members of a network devoted to promoting responsible tourism and focused on respect for the environment.

U Rispettu

With our deep commitment to sustainable and innovative approaches, Hotel Le Saint Erasme aims to become an inspiring leader in sustainable tourism.