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We are proud of our proactive and innovative approach to sustainable tourism which includes targeted measures to reduce the environmental impact of a stay at our hotel.

In 2018, LE SAINT ERASME received its first environmental certification when it was awarded a "B" rating under the EU classification.

In 2020 we reapplied and were very proud to become the only hotel in Corsica, and one of the few in France, to be awarded an “A” rating.

In December 2021 we were proud to be awarded a Green Key, an international ecolabel for establishments that show a commitment to sustainable tourism.

As part of our commitment to the environment, the hotel is fitted with solar panels for hot water. Rooms are fitted with sensors which prevent the air-conditioning from being used unless the windows are completely closed. The car park has a charging terminal for electric vehicles.

To do our bit to promote shorter supply chains and local business, the products we have sourced for our complimentary toiletries are made by the Corisca-based company Kyrnella from organic essential oils.

In an effort to reduce packaging, every day at breakfast we serve our guests home-made yoghurt and freshly-squeezed orange juice.

To protect the natural world and promote the well-being and health of our guests and staff, we use Ecolabel environmentally-friendly biotech cleaning products (made by IPC) or oxygenated water.

During your stay with us you can support our efforts by following the 10 Golden Rules of Sustainable Tourism.

Want to find out more about the Rispettu project? Rispettu.
The full contents of the charter and commitments are available for you to read.

  1. Use heating and air-conditioning sparingly: 22 degrees in winter and 25 degrees in summer. Don’t use the heating or air-conditioning unnecessarily, particularly if you're away from your room or have the windows open. In summer close the curtains to keep the sun out; in winter open them to let it in.
  2. Don’t smoke in your room as staff will have to use air fresheners, which are bad for their health and waste water, electricity and detergents laundering the bed linen (cushions, covers, pillow-cases).
  3. Only request bed and towel changes as needed.
  4. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, make good use of eco-friendly modes of transport such as public transport, cycling, walking or even car-shares.
  5. Use cleaning products as sparingly as possible so as not to impact on the health of guests and chamber maids.
  6. Join the discussion: use the hotel's suggestion box to share your ideas on what we can do to be greener.
  7. To limit excessive use of chlorine keep your pre-pool showers to a minute.
  8. At the end of your stay leave an online review and give us a “green” rating to encourage others to book an eco-friendly stay.
  9. At breakfast, prevent food waste by having smaller portions and only taking what you can eat. Do your bit to promote shorter supply chains by buying organic (“bio”) and local products.
  10. Book your next “green” stay directly on the URISPETTU hotels website (in Corsica) or at another eco-certified hotel (on the continent).
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